GoodToCode Framework in Visual Studio

Ready-to-Run .NET solution available in Visual Studio

GoodToCode Framework comes pre-assembled to get you building objects quickly. Uses standard .NET technologies for minimal learning curve.

  • Projects pre-wired and pre-configured as a Visual Studio Solution Template
  • Data access plumbing work is already done
  • Objects self-validate, self-serialize, self-track activity and self-log exceptions
  • Simply find-and-replace the connection string, publish the database project, and run!

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Centralized code in one full-stack .NET solution

Your business objects and screen models, such as CustomerInfo and CustomerModel, will reside in a central solution. Apps can now use your business objects for CRUD operations, like:

customer.Read(x => x.FirstName == "John")

customer.Create(), customer.Update() and customer.Delete()

  • Reusable data access objects eliminate duplication
  • Less code means less maintenance and faster runtime
  • Reusable code requires less attention as it settles
  • Fewer changes reduces breaking-changes in your app

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GoodToCode Framework Visual Studio Solution

What can GoodToCode do for you?

Ready-to-run business object stack. GoodToCode Framework 4 centralizes your reusable domain objects like CustomerInfo, in one unified full-stack solution. And shares your reusable objects...with all of your code, in all of your apps.

Your objects. Your data. Your app. Built on SOLID and ACID principles. Using standard Microsoft .NET technologies.

GoodToCode Framework.

Runs both .NET 4 and .NET Core...simultaneously

Don't have time to hash out the problems with new tech? GoodToCode Framework brings current and new tech, all you have to do is File → New → Project

  • Full n-tier stack pre-assembled with current .NET technologies
  • Includes MVC, Web API, WPF, Universal, EF and SSDT
  • See new technology in action without the tedious setup process
  • Cross-platform objects and libraries that can be used in Web and Mobile, Windows, iOS and Android

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