Who is GoodToCode?

We are a tech shop that provides quick-start reusability solutions to jump-start your next .NET project. Our goal is to enable coders to do what they love...coding.

What products does GoodToCode offer?

GoodToCode currently offers two products:

1.      GoodToCode Framework is our open-source, full-stack, cross-platform framework that abstracts away the repetitive plumbing from your .NET software stack and adds CRUD-to-SQL/CRUD-to-Services to your Business Objects.

2.     GoodToCode Cloud Web Environment is our complete infrastructure and software stack solution that gets your development IIS Web Server, SQL Server and Visual Studio Dev Machine on the cloud...VMs up in 15 minutes!

Is it up fast?

No matter if you need an on-premises framework stack or a cloud-based environment, all GoodToCode products all come already-running out-of-the-box with no configuration, no set up needed

o    GoodToCode Framework is up in around 10 minutes from GoodToCode.com or Visual Studio, Tools -> Extensions and Updates

o    Cloud Web Environment is up is around 15 minutes from AzureMarketplace.com or portal.Azure.com

Is it safe?

GoodToCode Framework and Cloud Web Environment are protected by industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud and .NET technology. Your software stack benefits from best practice security principles with minimal configuration for optimal protection.

o    GoodToCode Framework objects contain GUID Key identifiers to combat integer-ID sniffing.

o    Token-based authentication and claims-based authorization via OWIN middleware.

o    OAuth providers such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Google available.

How do I painlessly migrate my apps to current tech?

A smooth migration of your apps is critical to avoiding disrupting your users, customer satisfaction and revenue. A combination of tech and process can make a migration a business-as-usual project:

o    Framework-up: Download the GoodToCode Framework to add a full-stack, cross-platform object reusability foundation to your app with no plumbing required. UI frameworks like Angular/Bootstrap help web experiences. Logging with Serilog/Seq. DI with Castle Windsor/Unity.

o    Iterative cycles: Keep it small, migrate one page at a time, one object at a time. Development speed greatly increases after the first few pages...still try to keep your cycles thin when migration is part of the release.

o    Parallel is safe: The GoodToCode Framework co-shares your database so you can run your app in parallel. The Framework.Database SSDT project is view-based, lightly-coupled to your tables. Install the Framework.WebApp and Framework.WebServices projects to their own IIS apps...and you are running in parallel!

How do I migrate my apps safely and seamlessly to the cloud?

Start with your development environment ...this is your low-risk testbed for your web sites, web services, mobile apps, database and jobs.

1.     Do-it-yourself install, or go with the Cloud Web Environment to get your Azure VMs up and running in 15 minutes.

2.    Copy your apps to the Azure Hyper-V Virtual Machines as you normally do to your on-premises dev servers.

3.    and run!

Your apps are now running on the cloud!

How does my app consume the framework objects?

Using the GoodToCode Framework to house your .NET business objects, you can connect your app on any tier of our stack:

o    Your MVC App and Web API Service: Simply reference the Framework.DataAccess project and call customer.read(x => x.FirstName == "John") to CRUD-to-SQL data straight from your database!

o    Your WPF, Universal or Xamarin App: Reference Framework.Models and call customer.read(x => x.FirstName == "John") to CRUD-to-Services straight from the Web API project!

What's in the Cloud Web Environment?

The GoodToCode Cloud Web Environment includes of 3 Hyper-V Virtual Machine servers:

1.      IIS Web Server

2.     SQL Server

3.     Visual Studio Dev Machine

All on the Azure cloud. All up and running in 15 min and all running out of the box immediately upon provisioning (installing).

How can I lower maintenance cost with reusability?

Code duplication leads to (n) fixes, one per copied code and becomes more expensive than the sum because developers need to reverse engineer past copies of the same code.

Reusing your business objects, workflows and rules leads to "one version of the truth" in your business processing and data. Simple normalized code is essential when it comes to adding features, fixing bugs and tracing code logic.

Reusable code settles and solidifies over time, becoming nearly maintenance free as bug fix rate nears zero. Duplicated code continually increases in maintenance cost and bug rates.

Agile businesses need agile code.

Where can I run the GoodToCode Framework?

On-premises or in-cloud.

Where do I run the Cloud Web Environment?

Cloud-only. Available on Microsoft Azure at AzureMarketplace.com or portal.Azure.com.

Where do I get the GoodToCode Framework?

Get the free download from GoodToCode at http://goodtocodestack.com/goodtocode-framework or Visual Studio Marketplace at http://visualstudiomarketplace.com

Where do I get the Cloud Web Environment?

Get in the Azure Marketplace at http://azuremarketplace.com or in your Azure portal at http://portal.azure.com